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On-Site Pet Pharmacy Supports Comprehensive Pet Wellness

On-Site Pet Pharmacy

Jefferson Animal Hospital in Baton Rouge is proud to offer its valued pet owners access to our on-site pet pharmacy. We carry a variety of pet medications, including life-saving heartworm prevention, as well as medicated flea/tick prevention. If your pet is sick and needs medication, we can fill your pet’s prescription right in our animal hospital; you will not have to deal with the hassle of driving somewhere else to order or pick up your pet’s prescriptions. Following pet surgery, we can also provide painkillers, anti-inflammatory tablets and other medications. We are your one-stop destination for all your pet medication needs.

Pet Medication Available On-Site for Pet Wellness & 

Post-Op Pet Surgery Care

Not every animal hospital in Baton Rouge offers the valuable service and convenience of an on-site pet pharmacy. When you purchase medication from our pet pharmacy, you can rest assured that you are receiving genuine, high-quality medication. Most importantly, we know your pet and his medical history. Our veterinarians are always available to discuss your pet’s medical needs and answer questions about medication.

pet wellness careWe encourage all dogs to be on a monthly heartworm preventative. We carry several leading brands in our pet pharmacy. Heartworm is a dangerous but completely preventable parasite infection. All it takes is one mosquito bite to transmit heartworms to your pet. This parasite will grow in your pet’s heart and bloodstream. Diagnosing heartworms can be difficult as the conditions are non-specific and not obvious until advanced stages. One of the most common symptoms is a soft, dry cough, along with lethargy, difficulty breathing and vomiting. Ultimately, heartworms may block the blood flow between the heart and lungs, leading to death. The best way to prevent this slow, painful death is with monthly prevention. Our veterinarians are happy to recommend specific types of medication for your pet’s wellness needs.

Our veterinarians also recommends that all dogs be on a monthly flea/tick preventative. Here in Baton Rouge, fleas can be a year-round problem. Once fleas are introduced to a house, their eggs can be found in carpet or couch fibers, surviving even during colder months. A single fleabite may cause a week of painful itching and scratching for your dog. These parasites can also carry diseases. Treating a flea infestation can be expensive and difficult. Prevention is the best way to keep your pet – and home – flea free. Our animal hospital carries a variety of topical flea/tick prevention treatments as well as oral flea prevention treatments from leading brands. We guarantee any preventatives purchased at our clinic.

Proactive pet wellness care can make the difference between a healthy pet that lives a long life, and a pet that becomes ill and requires expensive treatment. Our on-site pet pharmacy is here to support all your pet's wellness needs. Whether your pet requires pain medication following spay/neuter surgery or a dietary supplement, we carry it. Every medication we carry is approved by our veterinarians. Pet owners enjoy peace of mind knowing our medication is safe, effective and exactly what their pets need!